Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanks And Giving: Let's Do This

Nearly 2 years ago I started this blog as an outlet for myself. I have always enjoyed writing and even though I had forgotten most of what I had learned in High School, I decided to give it a try. I had proposed that after 3 months I would decide if I really wanted to keep at it. Being stuck at home with a Preemie who had a delicate immune system, and not adjusting well to having 5 kids was beginning to put me in the danger zone. The danger zone is when my mental illness goes Mach 9 and implodes into my every waking moment and I was slowly getting there. Writing funny statuses was a way to relieve some of that pressure. I enjoyed the feedback from friends and family, and it made me feel a little less alone. After I started the blog, I started the page, and again told myself maybe I would quit after a few months. I didn't expect to gain anything other than just having an extra spot on the Internet to make people laugh. In the beginning, that's all I wanted. "Your smile is my smile" I say that a lot, and it's true. I didn't want to be a mommy blog, a funny blog (because sometimes I didn't feel so funny), or really any particular subject. I didn't want to limit myself from the get go just in case I came up with a crazy idea that didn't fit with the theme.

After 3 months something amazing happened. I still didn't really know what the hell I was doing, but people seemed to like it. They were okay with no set theme, no set rules, and they were completely okay with me just being myself. Even bigger than that, they opened up to ME, and I began connecting with people from all over the world. What started as "I'm just going to make some people laugh because I don't even feel like getting out of bed today", turned around on me. You made me get out of bed because YOU were getting out of bed. Does that make sense? You inspire me. You really do. You have helped me, you have been there for not only me, but my family, and you give me so much more than a laugh and a smile. You give me a reason to believe in myself. For that, I am eternally grateful. So fucking thankful. And so gahdamn honored.

And now I am here, nearly 2 years later.
Almost 50,000 followers on the page. Thousands of reads every month on my blog. And I feel like I am in a place where I feel I can do more.Where I can say more, work harder, and expect that the things I say will have reach, and the things I do will matter.
And I am so fucking ready.

One of the more awesome benefits of having my page and blog, is connecting with people. I have loved meeting new friends from all walks of life, and learning from people. A lot of you have reached out to me, and although I don't have the time to connect with every single one of you, I really do try to give most of you individual attention. You are the reason I am here after all. One of the friends that I have met, is my dear friend Gretchen or "Gretty". She reached out to me quite awhile ago and we had a nice email exchange. We both have Preemie babies so we instantly hit it off in a "I've seen the same bullshit and miracles that you have" way,  and I began following her on Instagram. She was starting a clothing line and I promised that I would help promote it in any way I could, as soon as she was ready. I began following her business Instagram and showed my support by liking her Facebook page. In between working on her business and being generally awesome, Gretty is a stay at home mom to 2 beautiful children, Zoey and Jax. Homeschooling and being a Preemie parent are not easy but she had the love and support of an amazing husband to get her through the hard days and help with her business. The love Gretty and her husband Eric have, was shown in the lovely faces of their adorabley happy children.

But a few nights ago Eric was in a car accident. He didn't make it. Gretty is heartbroken and when I read her status on Facebook, I cried. "He was my everything" she said. Those words repeated in my head from the moment I found out, to the following day. Thankfully, I saw a friend start a Give Forward for her and her kids and there is even a Facebook page to support it. I hope that you will visit both and do what you can to help Gretty and her family.

If you are a small business or a blogger that wants to have a spot on my blog AND help the Lach family, please check out my *Advertising Page* with details on how to purchase a one month ad or a 3 month ad, ALL proceeds will benefit Gretty (the Lach family)

If you are interested in participating in the giveaways planned for next month please click *here* for details and to purchase. I have 20 slots available and it's going to be MASSIVE. ALL giveaway proceeds will benefit Gretty (the Lach family)

Note: I have 2 scheduled blog posts a week from here on out, so be assured that your business or brand will be seen by thousands.

Also if you are a Humbler who is interested in VTF memberships click *here* for those details and how to purchase. ALL proceeds will benefit the Lach Family. Plus, I am sending all that purchase a VTF membership a super cool certificate, a thank you note with a crappy drawing done by me, and a small gift to say thanks.

Thank you Humblers, for giving me a voice and an opportunity to help Gretty and to help others. This is why I am here. Other than, yanno....cats and beards and junk.


 The Lach Family

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  1. Kindness such as this is essential to weathering such an unfair and terrible blow