Monday, August 26, 2013

Thank You, Miley

My Rant Face.
Not to be confused with my Sex Face but it's pretty close.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably seen Miley Cyrus performance at the MTV Video Music Awards that aired last night. If you haven't, you have most likely read countless discussions on all social media, with Twitter alone circulating over 360,000 Tweets per minute that were attributed to Miley's gyrating performance. I have to admit, due to mom life and being exhausted from the weekend, I missed the event in real time but caught up first thing in the morning. After reading several friends statuses and discussions about what an actual disgrace Miley is and how she needs to seek mental health help, I expected something a little bit more shocking than a grown woman dancing with teddy bears and bending over to half twerk half air hump a foam finger. I mean, I was a baby cakes when the whole Like a Virgin Madonna exploded on the scene but I remember like it was yesterday when Britney sexed up the dance floor during her VMA performance that was actually THIRTEEN years ago. But really was Miley's performance a surprise? Um, not if you saw her music video that was uploaded 2 months ago and before that, heard "We Can't Stop" single and all the controversy surrounding her now confirmed drug reference. This would also be not very surprising to say the least if you knew anything about what Miley has been up to for the past few years. Gone are the days where her parents can make a public apology for anything being misinterpreted as other than wholesome and perfect. Gone are the days that Miley is Hannah Montana, y'all.

And good fucking riddance.

You know why people are so angry over this whole Miley ass shaking tongue licking bonanza? Because she has a vagina. And she knows what she wants to do. And she just don't give a fuck about you or your applause. While Rihanna is supporting her abusive boyfriend and rap singing about money, booze, strippers, money, and sometimes singing about being a diamond in the sky which what the fuck does that even mean? Miley is laughing her ass off. This whole Video Music Awards? STUPID. MTV doesn't even PLAY music videos people. They glorify teen pregnancy, binge drinking on the shores of Jersey, and document  the parts of life that most people are lucky not to have air on television.  People hate people like Miley because they are almost famous for absolutely nothing. Kardashian's ring a bell? Except Miley is becoming famous for something, and that something is just not giving a fuck. And man alive, it is working. She has been out and about promoting this album like a stripper picking up the last damn dollar, and it's working.

With Robin Thicke's  kind of rapey lyrics , and rappers like Juicy J whose top hit is about strippers popping their pussy, it's always a good time when a woman comes along and serves what is already on the menu. It is just not okay for women to do the things men talk about in their songs and it's not okay to take center stage when there are perfectly good cages to dance in during a male performance. No it's not okay to take off your clothes if you weren't promised bandz or racks. And it's definitely not okay to act like you have nipples. It's not okay now, and it won't be next year either. It's not okay, but it is awesome. It's awesomely awesome that she is sticking it up the very machine that built her, and making enough dough to throw a bone to her pathetic parents who are still riding on the house that Hannah built. I for one, am in full support of any woman who plays the game and gives it her all. They might not be well received, but there is just something about a girl who takes it off physically and/or metaphorically, and doesn't give a shit. I am not scared for my daughter who grew up watching Miley, because my daughter recognizes the difference between a performance and real life. I am not going to be worried that young girls are going to idolize the new Cyrus and her half twerking half masturbating air guitar. I am only going to be worried about what message is being sent to our young girls when they realize that no matter what they want to do in life, whether it be gyrating on a stage singing a top 10 hit or maybe want to earn as much as men do someone is going to try and stop them. Not because they don't have ambition or because they aren't educated enough, but simply because they are girls.

I don't know about you but that fact alone makes me cringe. Which is why I say Thank You, Miley. You did something only a few women are 5150 enough to do.
You foam fingered the man.

xoxo Humble

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  1. Hell. yes. THANK YOU for saying it.

  2. Was that supposed to hit me right in the heart? You should have your own period in Jr. High! "I'll meet you at the lockers between Math and Humble" <3

  3. THANK YOU! THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!!! And ppl have been thinking I was 5150 for taking her side, while everyone was bashing her!

  4. WOW! You are spot on. She's doing what she wants to & you're right, that's AWESOME.

  5. Miss Hiumble...I hated Miley's performance.'s because I loved her sooo much as Hannah Montana. Yes, I'm a grown ass woman--but my girls loved her too. The VmA thing really broke my heart because I do live under a rock. However, reading your perspective really put a new spin on the whole thing. I was fucking crazy and didn't give a fuck when i was 20 too....then i got pregnant...over and over and over and over again. So, that being said--thank YOU for opening my eyes a little.

    <3...a fan

  6. Thanks for making me see it a different way. I honestly didn't think about her performance like that, all I could see was her mother-fracking tongue!! I still don't like what she did (mostly because I would have appreciated a little more singing from a singer), but I do have a little more respect for why she did it.

  7. YES! Extremely well said. Thank you for writing this.

  8. Well when you put it like that... LOL

    Seriously, my favorite perspective thus far. I even like it better than mine.

  9. I have 4 daughters from 20 to 24. They just shrugged their shoulders at the performance and said whatever trips her trigger, it's a free world. Great post!


  11. To a point, I agree with you. I guess, for me, I was more DISAPPOINTED in her than anything. Though I am ashamed to admit it, I was a fan of Miley Cyrus. I thought her music was okay enough to let my kid listen. I felt that she was a displaying a positive image for girls. This new Miley...this "Fuck you, I'm doing what I want Miley" makes me feel like she's crying out somehow. I don't blame her, I blame her parents.

  12. Fuck yes! And YES to the bewbie bumps too! I was starting to think i was the only psycho on the whole freaking earth who understands Miley was just doing her job- make money, and get the people talking about her so she can make EVEN MORE MONEY! Seems to me she did what she was supposed to do...