Friday, November 8, 2013

Humble Reviews: React Mobile App

When I was contacted to review this app I have to admit my first thought was that I already owned all of the most important apps in existence. I've got photo apps, frames for photo apps, music apps, news apps, 4 different social media apps, game apps and on and on. Unless of course, this one could make me pancakes, I don't see how it's going to earn a place on my home screen. But after further review of the information sent to me, I knew that this was an app that I would not only install immediately but also recommend to my family and friends. No it can't make me pancakes (dang it), edit my pores before posting to Instagram, or even grammar check my Facebook updates, BUT it does turn my phone into a powerful lifeline. Which, let's face it, is more important than pancakes and filtered photos of what I am eating.

The React Mobile app works like this:
After creating a self selected contact list you can
utilize the "Follow Me" feature at the touch of a button. This sends a link via SMS, that allows your selected contacts to track your whereabouts in real-time whenever you are concerned with your safety. 


For example:
 *When you have an early morning or late night walk/run, meeting a client or someone you have not met face to face with (online dating, meet ups,etc.)
 *When traveling to unfamiliar neighborhoods or when you have a tendency to become lost (that'd be me)
*Keeping track of kids that are walking to and from school
  *For college students/late night workers
*Anyone who wants the extra assurance that trusted friends are "in the know" of where they are in the case of an emergency

When the React Mobile user has reached their destination safely, they can press the "I'm Safe" button to let the contacts know that they arrived at their destination and are safe. The selected contacts don't need to download the app in order for this to work though, since a link is sent to the contact through text.

In the case of an emergency, pressing the "SOS Shield" will send a panic alert through text and email to the selected contacts alerting them of your GPS location. Optionally your alert and location can be posted on Facebook and Twitter. After the "SOS Shield" is pressed the user would then automatically be prompted to dial 911. 
If you are not in North America, the app allows you to select what country you live in or are traveling to, in the settings tab. When the SOS is triggered, you will be prompted to call the appropriate emergency authority.  

React Mobile is incredibly easy to use and upon installation it gives step by step instruction on how to input contacts and how to use both the "Follow Me" and "SOS Shield" features. If you download React Mobile on to your child's phone, I highly recommend you have them watch the tutorial video, to further explain how to use the app. Both my 10 year old and 8 year old were able to use it in less then 5 minutes after they watched the video and followed the on screen instructions.

To watch an overview video about React Mobile you can click 

And to watch a tutorial video on how React Mobile works, you can click 

And for more information on React Mobile you can visit their site at

This truly invaluable app can be downloaded for FREE on both iPhone and Android
Isn't that awesome!?

You can choose from the following to download immediately:

(available on select Smartphones)

Do you think React Mobile app could be useful to you and your family? After downloading the app, did you find it easy to use?
 Let me know in the comments!

xoxo Humble

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post and although I was compensated for my time and effort, my opinions of the product/service are 100 percent honest and I believe that the product/service would be beneficial to Humble Writes Words subscribers


  1. Y'know, I ignore advice from yuppie mommies. Yuppie mommies kinda bug me. If a mom has time to get a bikini wax and bleach her hair but doesn't know the value of black eyeliner and a good tattoo, it makes me uncomfortable. I don't know why, but the moms who have ink or hang with peeps who do, the moms who are a little odd and a little wild and a little quirky... those are the ones I know to trust when it comes to getting tips to help me wrangle my critter. The odd ones... it seems like we know how shitty life can turn in an instant but we let 'em out the damn door anyway because they can't live in a bubble.

    My daughter's current "track my kid" app took a header with the last iOS upgrade. Hasn't worked since. Epic fail. I have an Android because I am the bomb. I'll download this one for her. Thanks, Humble. Because I know you know.

  2. What in the world did we do before all this kind of stuff. Life seems a little easier or at least not so panicky at times now.

    However, it would be better if it made pancakes. =)