Monday, September 17, 2012


Remember that Blogger Idol post? Of course you do, I only bothered you with it for the past 24 hours.
I showed this to my daughter and she was dying laughing. And really I value her opinion more than anyone else, EVEN when there are prizes involved.
So here it is...

A Humble Rap

My name is Humble, I got 5 kids and I got a blog
Not gonna lie I might be the underdog...
If you choose me to be in the Top 13
I can promise you I won't run out of steam

Now you may think you have stepped into a new verse of Gangsta's Paradise
 but I am just here to give you a small slice
If you want a chance to read more of my funny
 I want you to know I cant be held responsible for you spitting out your tea

This is just an introduction to my flow and my style
I invite you to reflect on my rhymes and ask me to stay awhile 

I don't mean to brag I don't mean to boast
But my followers are the best from coast to coast
They come from all backgrounds, all walks, all ages,
I've only had to ban a few a holes and clear the air with hippy sages

I write about my wins
Sometimes I even write about my wrongs
And sometimes when I get nervous for something I bust out in a lame rap songs!
I give my 2 cents of advice away in a feature on my blog called
Ask Humble Anything Day
I talk about my man, and I talk about my mom
If you ask me who shot first
I'll tell you it was Han...

I may not know everything that it takes to be a great writer
But connecting with people, lettin them know they aren't alone, is what I'm after

You see
I am bi polar and also have OCD
but don't worry about that
because I am mostly happy and free

When I feel real low
or even feel like shit
I tell myself I just can't quit
My family relies on me
Yes, 5 kids, it's true
And if you tell me I have my hands full I am going have to punch you

I look forward every day to bringing a slice of myself to my fans
Because sometimes I am feeling overwhelmed and nothing comes of my plans

And I have to tell myself that it is alright and 

 it's okay
I have learned that a trip to Ikea and goals in life are the same

 both cannot be conquered in one day

I have been amazed at all the people I have met, and have learned that sharing
smiles are fun, like hugs and boobs.
Nothing rhymes with boobs but that's not stoppin my flow
I am a writing rockstar,  and that is something you should know
I am honest and real, and all kidding aside
I am grateful for everything, that is something I can't hide

My mission for today
 is to
send this audition

 And I hope that you will accept my submission
In the Blogger Idol
I could really breakthrough
and maybe in the end
I will make a Humbler out of you.

(lights fade to black)
(hopefully applause and gun shots)


  1. I think you should have made a video to go along with it. Either way, there's no doubt you're in.

  2. There is too much WIN here. It is making my eyes bleed it's so good.

  3. LOVE this! Although I'm not clear as to why we hope to have gun shots with the applause?! Did I just lose what little bit of street cred I had?