Sunday, October 7, 2012

Happy Boobtober!

Whether you own a pair or not, breasts, boobs, titties, knockers, hooters, jugs, whatever you prefer to call em, are a hot topic in the month of October.
Breast Cancer Awareness posts are popping up all over the place on social networking sites and most have to do with the color pink, some catchy slogan, or just a meme that says "Breast Cancer Awareness Month" or the like.
Some people are even starting to post things like a secret women's code in their status that will somehow in a secret code type of way, make people more aware of breast cancer.

"On the floor"
"By the couch"
"red with a bow"
"8 inches 30 minutes"

is a Facebooker's way of saying "Let's be aware of breast cancer"

Now first I must apologize to the people who have messaged me and the 83 other women on their friends list for the directions on how to make other people scratch their heads and say "huh?" to my status of "On the kitchen table" because THEY were not in the know of the secret code that makes people more aware of breast cancer. The status FYI is the response to "where is your purse?" (Sorry ladies....I am a snitch) and if YOU were one of the people that also got forwarded the message, then all of your other friends that were in the know can look at your status and say "Oh look, another friend of mine is promoting awareness to breast cancer in our secret women's Facebook code"

Can I ask a question?
Is posting a meme or a code enough?

My point is it is not enough to be aware or talk in secret codes. Saying "Think Pink Breast Cancer Month!" is not really doing anything more than saying "Breast Cancer Exists"
Can we all just fucking agree that it exists and head to the next stage?!

Here I will go first.

The first thing I think about when I think of breast cancer is my Grandma. She is a survivor and was the first person (and hopefully the last) to have breast cancer in my family. I never really checked my breasts much before she got diagnosed. I had heard that since I didn't have a family history, I would probably be off the hook. It never occurred to me before then that anyone in my family at ANY time, could have breast cancer. And if we weren't all checking our boobs and going to the doctor's frequently, it could be undetected and then the rest of the family is just walking around thinking "Oh I don't need to worry, it doesn't run in my family" When in fact, it is not a matter if no one in your family has it, YOU could be the first one. Thankfully, my grandma found the lump in her breast quickly because she does self breast exams, and I thank my stars every day that she does, because I don't even want to think what could have happened to her if she didn't and found out too late.

Which is why I am sharing with you the following links that can help you, your family, your friends, do more than say "Think Pink!" Also, I chose these websites really carefully, and felt that they all have the best info, presented clearly, and with accuracy. If you find another website that you have found helpful, please link it in the comments!

For women:

How to do a Self Breast Exam! 

For men:

How to give yourself a Male Breast Exam!

What are you feeling for?
To Enlarge Click Here

Now that you know how to give yourself a self breast exam and know what the heck you are feeling for, it is good to know your risk factors and how likely you are to get breast cancer. Keep in mind that although some women may have a lot of risk factors, they may never get breast cancer. While women who have a very low risk, could still get it. That is why it is SO important no matter how old you are, healthy you are, and if no one in your family has it, that you still perform a self breast exam EVERY month. I personally have  taught my daughter how to do it, that way, as she grows, she is more familiar with what her normal breasts feel like, and to start the routine of self breast exams while she is young, that way it becomes a habit as she gets older.

Complete List of Risk Factors

Now what happens if you should find something during your self breast exam?
Go to the doctor to check it out of course!
What happens if you don't have insurance?
Well, the first thing you can do is Google and see if there are any free breast cancer screenings in your area. You can also go to:

CDC National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program

to see if you qualify for a low/no cost Mammogram

and also

Planned Parenthood

for ALL of your women's health needs at low/no cost.

Now that you know how to help yourself, what can you do for others?
Well first, you can bookmark this post for future reference, you can also share this post with your friends and family, so that everyone becomes more aware AND educated in how to identify breast cancer, their risk factors, and where to go should they detect something.

You can also support Breast Cancer research!

BEFORE you buy one pink ribbon related item and BEFORE you donate to breast cancer research/awareness, check out this info to help you decide if the company, donation, item you are buying, is actually using your money towards what you "think" it is.

Think Before You Pink

And lastly, but not least, here is a link that gives tips on how to help a loved one who was diagnosed.

10 Ways to Help a Friend With Cancer

Here are some more websites that are personally near and dear to my heart, that celebrate the strength, the love, and the hope that are shown in the brutal reality of this savage beast.

My Wife's Fight With Breast Cancer


The Scar Project

Please share this post, you never know the life you could save.

Much love to you Humblers!
Now go check your rack!


  1. Thank you, Humble. I lost my mother in law on May to this disease and there is so much more than a catchy or secret little slogan that needs to be said about it. Good info here, my frand.

  2. Thank you for really helping us be more Aware. You are awesome & I totally agree & tired of the secret codes. We all know it exists, but how many people truly know how to do an exam? Keep up the good work & Praise the Lord for your Grandma & her early detection & survival!

  3. This is a good post, I hope people read it and then go feel themselves up thoroughly. I'm going to share.

  4. I love boobies. Good job Humble.

  5. Thank you Humble. Thank you.

  6. I love MY boobies. Thank You, Humble...sharing.

  7. Thank you sweet humble! Lost my momma to this shitty big c. She had it in the '70's when male doctors called lumps milkweeds. SAVE THE TATAS!