Monday, April 16, 2012

Onwards and Upwards

The following is a true story.

Recently, someone called me out on the Internet. On my own page (not my personal page..) and basically told me I was a dumb ass. Yep that's it in a nutshell. Oh and that I am a slanderous father hating bitch who feeds off of negative energy and points out other peoples flaws to make myself feel better.

What. the. fuck.

This is the horror I wrote

Now normally, I don't really care if people don't like me or what I say, and I don't get my feelings hurt too much. In fact I usually make this face and move on...
Someone doesn't like me on the Internet? Single. Tear.

But this time, it kind of actually sucked. Because this person is in blood relation to me. Now I have been an adult for some time now (i.e I don't own any red plastic cups) but it is still surprising to me how someone who has been an adult much longer than I, can stoop so low as to call me out and be basically MEAN TO ME, when they can just message me personally with a problem they have with me. Blasting it on a public forum, especially mentioning personal details about me and acting like an asshole is not only embarrassing for me but is a dick move. I mean, come on. I am going to see you in real life at some point in time, so don't pretend you can just be mean to me online and not own up to that to my face.

But all that aside, I am glad it happened...for one, I saw how awesomeballs my fans and friends are. No one got batshit crazy, everyone was calm. Even though I am sure a lot of you felt like this..

Fuck I know I did. And I was also able to clarify exactly what my page is about:

"I find things that I find amusing in my life and post them here on my fan page that is for those that are interested, to read. The point is that a lot of people can either relate or find humor in it. Like I... do. I don't post names, not even the real names of my kids here on this page. Not even my own name. The people that are interested in my wit and amusements are here not because they are forced. I don't go around asking for ppl to share my page or to pleaseplease like it for a reason. I'm not here to be liked. I'm here to laugh."

I do not take myself too seriously on the regs, but when I get responses like this one...

"not that you are in need of compliments but i would like to point out that you probably help more women than you realize. you are awesomely honest, crazy witty, fun, and what makes a lot of us realize that we aren't alone in what we go through. you are a beautiful person to so many people who don't even know you. you are a stress relief to us all and that's one reason why we all continue to stay here. it's unfortunate that people can't see and appreciate a beautiful person when they see one."

I am for once speechless. I am just silly me, trying to be cool and smile and laugh and go with it and other phrases that mean the same thing. And people actually enjoy it and tell me so. And if someone doesn't like it, for the record, it is okay. My mama told me when I was a little girl that some people in my life, were just not going to like me, no matter what I did or said. And that is their problem, not mine. And I like to sum it up even more with a favorite quote that I have said time and time again,

"Don't let other peoples shit become your shit"

I am not going to stop being optimistic, sarcastic, and laughing. I am still going to find the humor in a fucked up situation and share it with anyone who cares. I am going to let people know that I am weirdo, I don't know everything, sometimes I get my feelings hurt, and that mostly through it all, I move the fuck on. Onwards and upwards, sideways and in 4D real time with special effects and sparkles.

Besides where else can I show off my lightsaber skills?
People in my really real life are fed up with this bad assery.

                             Oh and by the way. This is my jam today.

                                                   And every day.... xoxox Humble
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  1. oh girl. you are so fucking awesome. This bullshit happens to the best of us, worse when it's someone you know in real life, maybe. But it still gets to us. You are so strong and funny and smart. I am here with you and have people talk shit to me too, it hurts, but I get over it. We have to help each other. YOU GO GIRL. xoxoxoox

  2. sorry someone pooed on your parade..especially a relative...that is just spiteful and ugly...but I think you're hilarious, as do at lease 1393 other peeps!

  3. love your humor and personality xoxoxo

  4. Isn't that what relatives are for? Oh, they're supposed to be supportive and helpful? Nah..
    But You handled it with grace and awesomeness that I can imagine only Wonderwoman has. I <3 you. And just because there's one bad banana doesnt't mean the whole bunch needs to be thrown out.
    Keep your head up, you make my day so much better just because of your ability to roll with the punches.

  5. <3 Love You and everything you write! Don't let one dumbass ruin a perfectly great day! Haircut and all!