Monday, September 3, 2012

I am getting old.

 My birthday is on the 5th, and I have reached a milestone.
           I have lived long enough to see fashion repeat itself, first hand.

I saw this exact pair of jeans on display at the mall.
In 2012.
And for the low price of 80 dollars, you too can look like you shopped the Wrangler collection at Wal Mart in 1992.
Back in my day (I can say that now...this is so exciting) I liked to wear these jeans with my Lion King shirt with a shirt clip and Luke Perry portrait earrings.
But now that I am a grown up I can wear these with whatever I damn well please and I can worry about how I am going to pay the electricity bill after splurging on these bad ass motherfuckers, IN STYLE.

If you are feeling fancy, which let's face it, we all love to feel fancy, I suggest these...

You know what I called these back in my day?
I would pair these with a nice white button up shirt with ruffles on the sleeves and black dress up boots with my Luke Perry portrait earrings (CHIC!)
Sometimes I would even wear them with my Lion King shirt. I was such a rebel.
But now I can wear them whenever the fuck I want because I am a grown up now. And for the low low price of 60 dollars I can take my Laura Ashley ass to all the most grown up places in town.
Hell I might even wear them with a casual shirt.
Party on the top, business on the bottom ya'll.

Kids these days and their fashions. They think I am not young and hip? Well I have news for them, I am already ahead of the game and stocking up on scrunchies.


  1. Oh Gawd...I love you. But you know this.

  2. My fellow fifth graders and I were horrified when our teacher (who was all of 40 at the time) told us that bellbottoms would come back into style. She was right, they did. If the 90s fashions come back into style I might cry. Though if you still have those Luke Perry portrait earrings kicking around... ;-)

  3. If you hang on to it long enough it will come back in style..The only rule of thumb I have is that if I wore it as a teenager....I can't wear it as an adult...NO MATTER WHAT! This post cracked me up....If scrunchies come back I'm leaving.

  4. Long live the scrunchie!

  5. I think some of the returning trends start off as jokes ("Maybe they'll actually FALL FOR THIS!! Muah-ha-ha!!") and then people somehow start taking it seriously and before you know it we're all stuffing ourselves into skinny jeans and can't bend over to fish the Lego out from between our toes.

  6. I have been trying to bring back body suits, flannels and dog-tags for years... maybe this is the first step? However, I will probably continue to shower daily, even if they do return, which I did not do in the early 90's ;)